TUESDAY, 1:00PM-1:45PM

App Sessions are being held in the Classroom located near the front entrances to the Sanctuary on either side through the lobby.

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How to create a healthy youth culture

Shalom Bogford

We all want our ministries to grow, but more importantly we want them to thrive. Not all growth is healthy, and there are seasons of pruning and seasons of harvest. In this season we are going to discuss healthy cultures to see your youth ministry not only grow but thrive.

Shalom Borgford has served in youth ministry for over ten years and is the Youth Pastor at Sun City Church. She is passionate about pouring into the next generation and equipping leaders. Besides ministry, her passions also include a good cup of coffee and a snowy mountain for boarding.

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Presence fueled churches

Lyle Phillips

Pastors Lyle and Allyson live driven by a core value for the presence of God, and their ministry bears the fruit of this value. They wholeheartedly believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s good news for the whole world, and the assignment of every follower of Jesus is to actively participate in growing God’s kingdom through spreading the Gospel. They live fully surrendered to Jesus and faithfully follow His commission to father and mother, a generation of world changers.

Prior to planting Legacy Church, Pastor Lyle spent many of his early years in ministry on the mission field with Iris Global, where he was greatly influenced by the ministry of Heidi and Roland Baker. Pastor Allyson served and trained at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California before God called her to serve the local church in Nashville.

Pastors Lyle and Allyson have been in full-time vocational ministry for over two decades. Through their loving ministry in obedience to Jesus, hundreds of orphans have been fed, over 400 children have been rescued from child slavery, and thousands have received salvation, healing, deliverance, baptism, provision, and discipleship. 

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The Pastoral Challenge with the Battle Over Gender Identity with Lanny Hubbard

Lanny Hubbard

People all around us are being influenced by the contemporary changes occurring in the areas of sexual and gender identity. With the increased number of people involved in the transsexual and queer lifestyle, what are things we as pastors should know and do to help guide people through this turbulent time?

Lanny was born and raised in the Portland area. After three years serving in the armed forces, he attended PBC and completed his Bachelor degree. He has functioned on staff at the college since 1978 and has become a respected Teacher, Pastor and Elder at Mannahouse. In 2006, he graduated from Western Seminary with an MA in exegetical theology. He is known for having both wide and deep knowledge of the Bible and if anyone is considered an “expert” on the Bible, Lanny would fit the bill. He has worked with his wife Joanne in developing new courses for the online program. They have raised three children who are all graduates from PBC and are actively involved in ministry. Lanny Hubbard’s deep understanding of the scriptures will open your eyes to how the Bible is relevant today.

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Praying the Lords Prayer for LIfe

Matt Molt

After praying The Lord’s Prayer daily for 4 years+, Matt share’s insights that have made this prayer come alive for him. This will be a very practical and useable app session, focusing on how to pray this prayer with power, devotion, and sustainability, and will be a refreshing take on prayer that will re-invigorate your personal devotions.

Matt & Lisa Molt started New Vintage Church in 2010, in Tri Cities, WA.  They have 3 adult children, one grand baby, and more on the way!  The heartbeat of the church is their vision statement: Jesus. People. Cities.  Since its inception, New Vintage Church has seen hundreds of people come to faith in Christ, because of the church’s welcoming atmosphere, dynamic worship, and a message that reaches a broad audience. Pastor Matt’s way of communicating is humorous, relatable, and passionate.

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The Prophetic Presbytery

Steve Williams

The nuts & bolts of the prophetic gathering.

Steve and Barbara Williams have been married for over 40 years. They have three grown children who are very active in serving Jesus and serving the local church. They have four of the cutest grandchildren on the planet. Steve is a graduate of PBC. He and Barbara have been involved in church leadership for over 40 years. Steve serves on MFI’s Apostolic Leadership Team and is currently serving as the Pastor to Pastor Liaison for MFI. Steve and Barbara also travel to many nations, working with church leadership, teaching, and training prophetic ministry. Steve has written a seminar on Becoming Prophetic People, which has been taught in many nations around the world.

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The Heartline of an Entrepreneurial Champion

Howard Rachinski

True Kingdom prosperity has a purpose that is optimized through true Kingdom entrepreneurs. And true Kingdom entrepreneurs understand they have a calling that is appointed by God and not an ambition that is driven by self. Patterns do not generate prosperity, principles do. And there are key Kingdom attributes that cultivate and facilitate the heart-line of Entrepreneurial Champions.

Howard Rachinski is Founder of Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc. (CCLI), and creator of the Church Copyright License, which helps churches comply with the copyright law. CCLI is currently serving 250,000 churches in over 70 countries. Howard has also overseen the development and successful implementation of a master recording reproduction license, a church streaming license, and an on-line song database, enabling extensive song research, audio sampling and lyric and sheet music downloading through means of an annual subscription service. Through these resources, Howard has championed a much valued and successful ministry to churches and, at the same time, has been a significant contributor to the fairness of song value to songwriters, artists, publishers and record companies.


3 Tools for building your worship team

Chelsea Haller, Kyle Menasco & Kim-Maree Janzen

Let’s talk three tools for building your worship team: Onboarding (different ways to onboard new people to your team), Technology (what is the role of technology in your worship set) and Strengths (play to the strengths of your people, your space & the season of vision).

Chelsea is the Worship Pastor at City Life Church in San Francisco. She has been leading worship most of her life. She finds it a true blessing to do what she was created for.

Kyle is the Experiences Pastor at Sun City Church in Spokane Washington. His responsibilities include Worship, Production, Communication, and Church Online. Kyle likes playing golf and basketball, hiking with his family, and dating his beautiful wife. He considers it a great honor to lead people in worship to God. His team is committed to creating an atmosphere of energetic praise and passionate worship that affects every aspect of their church community.

Kim-Maree was born in Australia & graduated from Portland Bible College in 2009. She is passionate about leading worship & raising up leaders. Currently, her role at Mannahouse is Executive Pastor of Worship and Production. Her husband Marcus also serves in worship, and together they are raising two sons, Zenith and Lennox.

TUESDAY, 2:00PM-2:45PM

App Sessions are being held in the Classroom located near the front entrances to the Sanctuary on either side through the lobby.

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Business Practices and Platforms to Save Time and Money for Your Ministry

Christin Champlin

How I saved my church millions of dollars.

Christin Champlin is a champion of administration! As the Business Manager at Koinonia church. She takes that which could be calculated and disconnected, and makes it all about people and ministry! Christin is a graduate from Columbia University and has been on our church staff for 4 years, just in time to lead us financially through a global pandemic. She’s an identical twin (Praise God cause we can’t get enough!), an animal lover, (she has 32!) and a devoted wife and the coolest mom (her two teenage daughters would totally agree!)

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Presence Driven Worshiper

Jennifer Neuschwander

Learning to become a presence-driven worshiper who builds Spirit-led teams and releases prophetic worship in practical ways.

Pastor Jenni serves as a Senior Pastor and as Worship Pastor at Life Bible Church in Harrisburg, Oregon, and oversees the women’s ministries there.  Jennifer and her husband Brad are both Oregon natives and began their ministry at Eugene Christian Fellowship (now Mannahouse Eugene) under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Frank Damazio.  In 2001, they were sent out by ECF to plant Life Bible Church and have been senior pastors there for 20 years. They minister together both nationally and internationally and have two daughters, Jacquelyn and Jessikah, who are both passionately following Jesus.

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A People of the Spirit: Leading a Youth Ministry for Revival

Johnny Schmelzer

We are called to be a people of the Holy Spirit! The book of Acts provides our template and model for Holy Spirit-led and empowered youth ministry. We must make space for His presence, power, anointing, and leadership in our lives and leadership. In this app session, we will focus on biblical principles and practical methods for youth ministry and leadership for revival!

Johnny serves as the youth and discipleship pastor at Joy Church Medford. He is currently a Ph.D. student at Liberty University majoring in Bible Exposition, Greek, and Hebrew. He has 3 master’s degrees in biblical studies and biblical languages and a postgraduate ThM degree in theology. Like many Oregonians, he loves to run, compete in marathons and triathlons, travel the world, and any kind of adventure! Most importantly, he is passionate about evangelism, world missions, prayer, and the local church (Rom 1:5). 

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Establishing a Healthy, Vibrant Team Culture

Joel Ecklund

Have you ever struggled to get your worship, sound, and media departments on the same page? In this app session, we’ll talk about the keys to melding your creatives into one healthy unit. 

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Prophetic Restoration

Chris & Jenna Hippe

We are in an important hour as the body of Christ to partner with God in restoring hearts through the prophetic. This App Session will give you practical tools for bringing a restoration culture back to your church family. We will focus on seeking breakthrough in identity, finding refreshment of spirit, and hearing from God unto wholeness. Prayer times will be offered at the end of this session

Chris and Jena Hippe pastor City Central Church in Tacoma, Washington . As a couple, they love to minister to prophetic restoration both locally and abroad. They believe that the health of cities and nations rests within the restored Bride of Christ living in abundant life. They have been married and in ministry for 22 years. They love to run, laugh, and drink coffee together. Together, they have four wonderful children: Elijah, Isaiah, Caleb, and Zoe.

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MFI New Member Meeting

Ministers Fellowship International

Information on becoming an MFI Member.


App Sessions are being held in the Classroom located near the front entrances to the Sanctuary on either side through the lobby.

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Are We There Yet?

Zack & Morgan Hortichok

Often we ask ourselves, “is this what youth ministry looks like?” The joy of the journey of youth pastoring is just being on the way. Small town, big city, and all the in between. There is no one size fits all methodology. We want to encourage you from a small(ish) town perspective.    

Zack & Morgan Hordichok are youth pastors of 24/7 GC at The Country Church, located in Molalla, OR. 

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The Prophetic Advantage

Marc Cargill

There is a powerful advantage to being a prophetic leader in today’s church and culture. This session will give you an understanding of the prophetic advantage and provide keys to building a prophetic culture and anointing in your church and your leadership.

Marc Cargill has been in full-time ministry over 36 years and currently serves as the senior pastor of Hope Church in Tucson, AZ. He has travelled extensively equipping and strengthening churches and leaders. His preaching is relevant and humorous and Marc is regarded as a prophetic voice to the Body of Christ. He is the author of numerous teaching and training materials as well as the well received book,  When Faith Matters Most. Marc and his wife Cheryl have five adult children and live in Tucson, AZ.

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Carry the Culture

Tyrone Jones Jr & Phillip Iloff

Building and leading in ministry from the middle.

Tyrone Jones Jr is married to Karina Jones Two Daughters, Aria & Mila Jones Tyrone and Karina lead City Youth together and have been doing so for almost 6 years. Tyrone is also the director of our City Leadership School intern program. Karina is the executive director of United Way of Yuma County.

Phillip Iloff is the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor from Church For The City in Yuma, Arizona. Phillip has been leading worship at Church for the City since the spring of 2013. Phillip and his wife Andrea have been married and serving together in ministry for four years. Tyrone Jones Married to Karina Jones Two Daughters, Aria & Mila Jones Tyrone and Karina lead City Youth together and have been doing so for almost 6 years. Tyrone is also the director of our City Leadership School intern program. Karina is the executive director of United Way of Yuma County.

classroom F

10 Things I've Learned Planting a Church

Andrew Damazio

Andrew Damazio, along with his wife Julia, are the lead pastors of The Rose Church in Portland, OR. Rose Church exists to be a home for humanity. Rose’s vision is to build a growing church of people committed to being with Jesus, living like Jesus and doing what Jesus did.

classroom G

Starts at the Top

Jeff & Robie Ecklund

Fostering a healthy leadership culture starts with your elder team, is contagious for your staff and is the key to the health and growth of the local church!  This session will address how to foster a healthy eldership culture and staff atmosphere that lead to a healthy church.

Jeff & Robie Ecklund are the lead pastors (aka the lead janitors) at House of The Lord Church, in Oldtown, Idaho. Jeff believes that small communities deserve great churches, and has stewarded rural churches for almost 3 decades as well as being a Certified Church Consultant and part of the Mfi regional leadership team.  House Of The Lord is a multi-generational church that has steadily grown to a community of 1,300 people in a community of around 10,000, answering Jeff’s prayer asking God for a tithe of the community.  Jeff’s passion is the local church and walking with local pastors as a resource.


Creating Atmospheres for Encounter Through Worship

Joseph & Tasha Zwanziger

The practical aspects of your worship service either aid or hinder people’s ability to meet with God.  In this session, you will receive tips on how to take your worship from surviving a set list to seeing God move in your services in new ways.

Joseph and Tosha Zwanziger are the Worship Pastors and Vacaville Campus Pastors at The Father’s House.  Joseph and Tosha oversee the community of musicians, writers, and creatives and have a passion to build healthy worship communities within the local church.  Joseph and Tosha have written songs, produced, and released many albums with TFH Worship and run the TFH Worship Intensives – onsite and online training opportunities for worship leaders and teams.  Joseph has co-authored the book “Lessons for the Worship Team” and “A Life of Worship” with Lead Pastor, Dave Patterson, and most recent, collaborated for the 3rd Edition of “Exploring Worship” with author Bob Sorge.  Joseph and Tosha have two sons, Cohen and Iver.


App Sessions are being held in the Classroom located near the front entrances to the Sanctuary on either side through the lobby.

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Global Ministry

Sudarshan Komanapalli

Bishop Sudarshan Jyoti Komanapalli is the Chairman of Manna Group of Ministries and the President of Manna International.  A Pastor to Pastors and overseer of the Manna Group, he has been in the ministry since 1988. He received his education in Business Administration and Political Studies from Gordon College and studied Cross Cultural Studies at Fuller Seminary. He also studied at the Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture/The King’s University. Prior to his present positions in Manna Group of Ministries, he worked as the Administrator for Manna/Rock Church Ministries in India. During this time, he also pioneered and Pastored Manna Church in Hyderabad. Over the past many years, he has had the privilege of speaking in various evangelistic gospel meetings, churches and conferences in India, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and USA. For 20 years, he spoke on Manna TV programs which were seen around the world. He and his wife Asha are passionate to see people transformed by the gospel through Word and action, encourage people to fulfill their calling, and make a difference for generations to come.

classroom B

Profile of a Church Planter

Aaron Richner

What does it take to plant a thriving church? Whether you are getting ready to plant, or did so several years ago – this session is designed to help you be the pastor, leader, and person of God that your church plant needs you to be.

Pastor Aaron and Rachelle Richner founded The Cause Church with a mandate from God to build a church that was not a country club for Christians, but a hospital for the hurting. Beginning in their living room with about 15 people, The Cause has grown to be a vibrant church of many 100’s in a few short years. Pastor Aaron has a passionate and straight- forward preaching style, and lives to see people step into their calling in Christ. He and Rachelle have 4 children; Aubrey, Victory, Reeve, and Jude.

classroom E

Hospitality: Creating a Place of Honor & Refreshment

Tina Brennan

Hospitality doesn’t mean extravagant spending, gifts or even a minute-by-minute plan, but it does take intentionality. This session will help you actionize your culture of honor by designing moments and creating spaces where people are able to bring their best self and walk away feeling seen, known and loved.

Tina Brennan spent over 10 years working in public education and administration. Five years ago she transitioned to full time staff at LIFE Church in Walla Walla, WA helping execute and organize systems across all departments of the church. Her role as executive assistant to the lead pastors has developed over the years and she loves equipping others at all levels to serve their pastors and put feet to the vision. 

classroom F

Unleash the Ridiculous Potential of Your Fantastic Church

Nate Swanson

This session will inspire you with practical, proven next steps you can take immediately to create a church-wide culture of team ministry! You can do this, and have fun in the process!

Nate & Rachel Swanson lead New City Church – a fun, thriving church in the middle of Montana that is marked by grace, truth, generosity and passion.   Nate & Rachel love raising their five world-changing children and seeing the people of God fully released in reaching the lost for Jesus. 

classroom G

Launching a Marketplace ministry at Your Church

Jonathan Volk & Isaac Stokes

The who, what, and why of launching a marketplace ministry at your church for your congregation’s business professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Jony Volk is the founder and CEO of multiple internet companies that have produced hundreds of millions in revenue. He is the director of Marketplace Ministries at Citylife Church SF. He is passionate about being a person of faith in the marketplace and helping churches create programs for those called to the marketplace, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Isaac Stokes has been in pastoral ministry for over 22 years. Isaac’s core passion is to teach, train and equip Christian leaders in life and leadership to accomplish God’s purpose for their lives and to help the local church develop systems and strategies to effectively equip, disciple, and empower effective leaders.


Hearing the Voice of God to Release the MIraculous

Glenda Malmin

A nation in crisis needs a redemptive community that can hear the voice of God, deliver His message with compassion & clarity, and release the miraculous to a hungry, hurting & ready generation. God communicates His will to those who are ready to listen, follow, and obey.  He is anything but simple; yet neither is he so mystical that He is beyond our ability to hear His Voice & respond to His Word.  Let’s be real, practical, and incredibly spiritual in our approach to hear His Voice and follow His lead in the season ahead.

Glenda Malmin is a full-time instructor and pastoral advisor at Portland Bible College and an elder at Mannahouse Church.  She has authored several books and is a well sought after speaker at women’s retreats and conferences around the world, and a joyful mother and grandmother.  She and her husband, Ken, of over 50 years, teach marriage seminars throughout the nation and together, have faithfully served as leaders and teachers at Mannahouse in Portland, Oregon and Ministers Fellowship International.